ABOUT Virtus-Strength


Virtus-Strength is led by Steve Kowalenko, one of only three Gym Jones Fully Certified Instructors based in the UK. 

At Virtus-Strength we offer a variety of different training packages, from small groups training, to personalised one on one training, and remote program design. 

About Me

Steve began his journey into fitness when he joined the Army at the age of 21. His early years of training were tailored towards endurance as a marathon runner. 

After a series of knee injuries, Steve switched focus towards strength and conditioning to work on his weaknesses and correcting imbalances. That grew into a new passion, and a change in focus toward a strength training bias ensued.

Steve began the process of gaining the knowledge to make the most of his training by completing an Advanced Personal Training Diploma in 2011. Since then, he went on to complete PICP Level 1&2 Strength and Conditioning (Poliquin Group), BioSignature, several CrossFit Certifications, and also the All Arms PTI Course (Military). 

The biggest influence of all came from being introduced to the growing project of Gym Jones via crossing paths and becoming friends with Pieter Vodden in 2013. 

Steve was drawn to the focus on the psychological aspect of training. The belief that building a strong mind is a key factor to real growth, both in and out of the gym, resonated with Steve's own values toward training and life. Also witnessing the hard work on show, with a desire to build actual fitness rather than just the appearance of it, and not let self imposed limitations stand in the way of who you want to be, further engrossed Steve to want to learn more about the philosophy and training methodology behind Gym Jones. 

Steve is a firm believer that nothing worth having comes easy, and enjoys putting himself and others in situations where you have to go through the internal navigation of ‘can’t’ versus ‘won’t’. Everyone is capable of a lot more than they think they are.

Steve went on to complete the Gym Jones Fundamentals Seminar in early 2014, and hasn’t looked back since, completing the Intermediate Seminar in the same year, and the Advanced Seminar in 2015. In early 2016, after interning under Rob MacDonald at Gym Jones, Steve earnt the title of Gym Jones Fully Certified Instructor.