A few words from clients

Eleni Sarla

I recently went to a new trainer. Not because I wanted to leave Steve, but I moved and getting to the gym became difficult. I arrived at my current trainer stronger, leaner, more flexible and moving more efficiently than ever before. I can lift well, I can row confidently, I can rise to new challenges in every session without feeling awkward or intimidated. My technique is exceptional. I put all of this down to training with Steve. He is motivated and driven to getting you the results that you want. He is uncompromising in teaching you well and ensuring that you perform movements to perfection. He is intuitive, knowing when to push harder, or when to ease off (responding particularly to moments of high stress - and with my job there were a few). I can’t thank him enough or recommend him more highly. I think my new trainer covers it when he tells me that he feel like his job is now too easy.


Steve has been my personal trainer for the last 12 months.

When we started off we set realistic goals to meet my needs and he continually supports me to realise my potential. So far I have lost weight (32lbs), toned up and gained a more positive attitude towards my fitness and overall health.

Steve is very focussed, motivational and a total professional. His training sessions are varied, well paced, supportive and rewarding.

Training either takes place in the gym or he utilises the open spaces around Westminster (where I work) and he has a wide variety of training sessions which are really enjoyable.

I have learned so much from Steve, i'm nearly 40 but feel as fit now as I did when I was in my 20's. He has a great attitude to fitness training that is infectious, and yet despite being pushed, sometimes to the limit, I never fail to finish a session without feeling incredibly positive. Training with Steve has really opened my eyes and I can't recommend him highly enough.

Gary LLewellyn

Steve has been our fully qualified coach for over a year now, and I highly recommend both his work ethic as a motivator and his knowledge and understanding of the science of fitness in theory as well as in practice.

He encourages everyone equally in his training sessions, no matter what fitness level people are at. Steve has demonstrated the best ways to get fit whilst having fun which is important when we were put through the pain barrier on occasions.

Steve's sessions consisted of a combination of strength training, circuit type training, cardio type training such as running and sprints, a superb way of achieving overall fitness.

However it has been the circuit training which has been a versatile form which predominately improves cardio, strength, tone and core stability.

I would recommend that anyone who is prepared to put the effort in will get the best results from having Steve as their personal fitness trainer.

Lucy Rann, Remote programming client

I have really enjoyed the training you have set and can see why you are carving out a reputation in the PT world as a go to guy for all round strength anf fitness, as well as mental robustness. The last point has been a big plus for me as my brain has always given before my body. I will definitely be using your methodology as a basis for moving forward with my own training and continuing to build on my fitness.

Kris Hamilton, Remote Program Design Client

SBack in January 2016 my rugby took a turn when I injured the medial ligament in my left knee. Coming from a professional rugby playing background – Representing Scotland at age grade levels under 19 and 20 – This was a massive blow, not only physically but mentally. Running my own training business, I had plenty days doubting my ability to train/work and continue or be as good as I had been in the past. Finishing up in 2015 my strength and condoning was at its best, 200kg Deadlift, 100kg snatch, 170kg back squat, 130kg clean and jerk, I have never felt so strong and well rounded. However, the power of social media showed countless updates of Steve’s work, the gym jones philosophy and practical application/work ethic was inspiring to me and exactly what I felt I required to get me back on track. Fate will always find you!

Not only over the course of 16 weeks did Steve program precisely, rehabbing my knee but my levels of conditioning/ work capacity grew in the process! Not a lot of strength was lost, my deadlift stayed at 200kg and most impressively my 2000m row time went sub 7 minute, it was amazing the work we achieved and the stability/strength and confidence I have in myself and my knee again!

To this day I am back to squatting heavy, completing many Olympic lifts, running and my mind-set is back into competition mode!

Nothing worth having comes easy! The mind is primary……Steve you have helped me develop that!