Remote Programming

What is Remote Program Design?

Remote progam design gives you the chance to achieve your training goals without a trainer present. For some, personal training just isn't an affordable option. RPD still allows you to have a program design specifically for you, for your own personal goals, and for what equipment and surroundings you have available. We will provide a simple but detailed program for you supported with dietary advice, that will help get the best out of you and your training. 

Who is it for?

RPD is for any committed person wanting to get the most out of their training. Whatever your goals may be, General Physical Preparedness, Sport Specific, Mass Gain, Fat Loss and so on, a personally tailored program can help you achieve these goals better than a generic cookie cutter program cherry picked off of the internet. Any training program should support the goals and objective at hand. You set the destination, the program provides a specific route to get to that destination. All goals have different paths to follow, but the one thing that ties them all together is a hard work ethic. A program should also be designed for your own personal level of experience and the condition you are currently in. Train relative to your training history and the desired outcome. 


Every bespoke program comes with basic dietary advice. The training and hard work you put in in the gym is only one variable. How you fuel that training, your health, how you recover, sleep, hydration and optional supplementation are other variables that matter. Training may account for 1 hour, there are 23 others in the day. What you do out of the gym is just as important, if not more so, than the training itself. 

Diet doesn't need to be complicated, and through some basic tips and advice, I will show you this, and help you get the most out of every program. Eat for the objective at hand. 

Email Support

You don't have to feel like you are left alone once you have recieved your bespoke program. If you want to get more from your training, and feel like you need and want that support, then there is the option for a weekly check in via email. This gives you a good chance to reflect on the previous weeks training, and ask any questions regarding the week to come. It also gives a good chance to address any issues that may be arising with diet and recovery. 


See pricing page for details and online sign up.