A brief note on CrossFit

Its funny, i've often seen people joke the first rule of CrossFit is to tell everybody you do CrossFit, yet there seems to be far more people at the moment feeling the need to tell people they don't do CrossFit, and then waffle on about exactly why they don't do CrossFit (having never done CrossFit nor in many cases fully understanding what CrossFit is). 

I'm not really a "CrossFitter" per se, but I do enjoy the sport that it is and do enjoy challenging myself with some of their WODs. This is the point many also miss, CrossFit is competitive and is a sport, and like any other sport, it comes with a risk of injury. The training leading up to competing should be structured like training for any other sport, with a focus on strength and conditioning, building power endurance and endurance, working on imbalances and structural integrity, only poor coaches and trainees lacking in knowledge would train as if its a "game day" so to speak everyday of the week. 

Learn all the moves/lifts properly, practice your skills and drills, work on technique until it becomes second nature to you before jumping up in weight, work on any weaknesses and imbalances you have, build a solid level of strength and conditioning and be sensible about how you structure your training, and there is no reason why you should get hurt training in CrossFit. 

Whatever path you decide to follow, commit to it, work hard, have fun, and you can achieve great results.



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