Holiday Workouts

Its that time of year where we all like to get away on holiday and have some fun in the sun, full with all the over indulgence that going on holiday usually brings. I’ve had a few people ask for workouts they can do while away and to work off some of that alcohol and ice cream. Below is a list of 10 simple ideas, a collection of ‘no gear’ sessions, where all you require is your bodyweight and your surroundings, and a few simple hotel gym sessions where you will have access to some basic equipment. No gear sessions: Session 1: 4x30/30 frog hop Rest 2 minutes 4x30/30 split jump Rest 2 minutes 4x30/30 burpee Rest 2 minutes 4x30/30 squat Rest 2 minutes 4x30/30 lying leg lowers Session 2: Part 1: 20x split jump (each leg) + 50m bear crawl 5 rounds Part 2: 20x frog hop + 40m bear crawl 4 rounds Part 3: 20x burpee + 30m bear crawl 3 rounds Session 3: 50x squat + 60 sec FLR + 50x push up + 60 sec FLR + 50x sit up + 60 sec FLR + 50x burpee + 60 sec FLR + 50x lunge + 60 sec FLR Session 4: 8x 20/10 (4 minute blocks) of the following: Squat Push up Sit up Lunge Burpee FLR Rest 2 minutes between blocks Session 5: "Prison burpees" 20-1 burpee ladder + 5m walk across room (ie do 20 burpees, walk across room and back, then 19, walk across room and so on) Hotel gym: Session 1: EDT block one: 10x DB split squat + 10x push press 15 min AMRAP (cycle between the two exercises as many times as possible in time) EDT block two: 10x DB RDL + 10x DB chest supported row 15 min AMRAP Finish: 300 sec FLR Session 2: 10-12 split squat each leg + 10-12 row variation (trx, seated cable, chest supported) 4 rounds Then: 10x goblet squat + 10x incline DB press + 15x lying leg lowers 3 rounds Then: 6-8x 30/30 row or bike intervals Session 3: 10-1 ladder of: Goblet squat + Push press + Reverse Lunge + Bent over row + Sit up Do 10 reps of each, then 9 etc. No set rest. Then: 10-1 KB swing ladder + 30 sec plank between rungs of the ladder Session 4: 10-12x DB reverse lunge each leg + 10-12x DB incline press + 10-15x DB chest supported row 4 rounds Then: 10x goblet squat + 60 sec bike interval 3 rounds Then: 10x KB swing + 60 sec treadmill run 3 rounds Session 5: EDT block 1: 10x goblet squat + 10x hand supported 1 arm row each arm 15 min AMRAP EDT block 2: 10x reverse lunge each leg + 10x DB bench press 15 min AMRAP Finish: 5x10 leg lowers As you can see, there are plenty of simple ways to keep your fitness levels ticking over while away. All can be modified and played around with. The 30/30 and 20/10 formats are great ways to get plenty of work done in a short space of time, and will get you breathing hard, as will the EDT and circuit formats if you have access to a hotel gym. On top of that, get out and about. Going for a run along the beach first thing in the morning can be a great way to explore your surroundings and freshen you up for the day ahead, as would going for a nice refreshing swim. With all above said, if all you decide to do while away is lounge by the pool sipping cocktails, that’s ok too, you’re allowed a break from time to time, enjoy yourself, and the AirDyne will be keenly awaiting your return…..



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